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APPEAL4 is a Danish nail brand created in 2013 by a talented and dedicated nailpolish lover from Aalborg. The first APPEAL4 polishes were created in a Universe of beautiful colours – A beautiful colour for every moment in life”

Today APPEAL4 is owned by BeautyInsideOut and is still a Universe o beautiful colours and modern polishes and so much more.

BeautyInsideOut is started in 2018 by Helle Darling. The team behind BeautyInsideOut is made up by some competent people who all have several years of experience, and are passionate about beauty, make-up and health. At BeautyInsideOut it is important that the customer has all the information to make the decision that is right for them.

APPEAL4 is a Danish designed nailpolish and nail care, where longevity and quality is key. We strive to always think about the sustainability and responsibility regarding out products. This is an exclusive nailpolish without dangerous chemicals. APPEAL4 is 5Free, cruelty free and ecofriendly and produced in EU. Our brand stands for green beauty and care.

APPEAL4s nail polish have a decent drying time and are easy to apply with a good durability. You can further improve on this by using APPEAL4s topcoats, which is among others available in High Shine

We will be launching 3-4 collections every year, which all will be inspired by the seasons and special events. We will fx have a Christmas and New Year party collection.

APPEAL4 is as mentioned one of the few nail polishes that are 5 Free. Which means free from Toluene, formaldahyde, DBP (Dibutylphthalat), Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin.


APPEAL4’s nail polish’s

APPEAL4 has a well-rounded product range, based on 3 annual collections with 6 new colours in each collection, as well as a base collection that is available all year round.

The range offers a variety of nail varnishes throughout the colour palette, and the idea is that the colours are innovative and follow the season’s hottest trends.

With the large but well-rounded product range, there are beautiful nail varnishes for every occasion – both for everyday and parties,

It is important for us that the APPEAL4 varnishes are both trendy and produced with care for the environment and with non-toxic ingredients.

APPEAL4 nailcare

At APPEAL4 we take nail care very seriously and we therefore have a wide range of nail care.

Nails shouldn’t just be something pretty to look at – they must also be healthy – Because when your nails are healthy and well-groomed – they look better

APPEAL4 recommends and designs a wide range of nailcare products, which all helps to form a durable and strong foundation for healthy and beautiful nails. This will further help to protect your nails from environmental impacts and everyday wear.  What you put on top of the polish to keep your nail’s appearance undamaged is equally as important as how you choose to protect the nail bands and the surrounding skin and your hands.


APPEAL4 produces a simple and straightforward range of products to suit different needs, different situations and different types of care.

Even in our care range we have clear approach to both the environment, quality and expression. New products are constantly being developed and introduced. The result is a constantly changing range, with the latest trends. It also means that your favorites can be discontinued and purchasing an extra polish can be an advantage.